Improving your travel agency website sales and profits starts with professional SEO

Getting the SEO right on your travel agency website can do wonders for your travel business

Increase Your Google Ranking

By increasing your website's organic rankings in the SERPs of Google you will bring more qualified visitors to your website that you then have a good chance of turning into long-term paying customers. As studies suggest that “71.33% of searches resulted in a Page 1 Google organic click.”

Reduce your PPC Spend

Are you spending a lot of money on Google Ads (was Google AdWords)? You can reduce your spend and reliance on PPC advertising by increasing your website's organic search engine rankings as recent studies indicate that only 15% of all search engine traffic goes to the Google Paid Ads at the top of the SERPs.

Reduce your Bounce Rate

By using SEO on your website to better serve your customers needs your Bounce Rate will go down. The average Bounce Rate for a travel website is around the 50.65% mark, any more than that and you are losing customers, normally due to your website's Appearance/Navigation and loading times.

How It Works

We focus on on-page search engine optimisation to increase your travel websites visitors

Travel Website Analysis

The website analysis will provide a comprehensive “health check” and identify your website’s areas of strength and weakness. It will also examine the current use of web page titles, headline tags, meta descriptions, image tags, URLs and site maps.

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Travel Keyword Research

Keyword research will be carried out to identify the most profitable keywords for your website to target in organic search engine result pages (SERPs). Keywords to be researched will include both popular and “Long Tail” search terms.

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Travel SEO Copywriting

Using the keywords, unique page titles and headlines will be written for the top-level web pages. A protocol will be set up for writing page titles and headlines for all levels of web pages throughout the website, with examples.

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Travel SEO Pricing

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